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February 2, 2017
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Connecticut car accidents and truck accidents are far too common at dangerous intersections with blind spots or inadequate traffic signs, but they can occur at any stoplight, highway crossroads or uncontrolled intersection if a driver fails to notice a yield or stop sign, or pulls into traffic without looking.

Intersection accidents can cause serious injuries to vehicle occupants for two key reasons: one vehicle is often traveling at a greater rate of speed than the other, and the potential for side-impact accidents makes the passenger compartment particularly vulnerable. Great risks are also posed by rear-end collisions that result from a driver’s failure to notice that others have slowed or stopped, and passengers can suffer debilitating back and neck problems even when struck at lower speeds.

In city traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists face constant hazards due to distracted drivers as well as delivery trucks that block lanes and hamper visibility. When driver negligence leads to a crosswalk accident or bike crash, injury victims are at a severe disadvantage based on the laws of physics and the elemental differences between flesh, bone and steel.

Investigating the Circumstances of Car Accidents at Intersections

The Bridgeport and Stamford car accident attorneys at our firm have more than 40 years of experience helping car, truck and motorcycle accident victims understand their legal options. Quick and aggressive action from our dedicated personal injury lawyers can make a considerable difference for a client who has been injured and has sustained lost income or incurred medical bills. We are here to help get the JUSTICE you deserve.

After a Connecticut intersection accident, clear proof that the other driver was at fault may require everything from an expert assessment of skid marks and vehicle damage, to tracking down a witness who had a clear view of the crash. Injured passengers and drivers who may not clearly recall the moments before they were struck broadside or rear-ended should not hesitate to make sure that they have an attorney so that the intersection accident is fully investigated.

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