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What do rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel and chronic knee pain all have in common? Making the same motion over and over causes these injuries and makes them worse. As a result, many of Connecticut’s manufacturing workers, construction workers and other laborers must manage chronic pain and tendon and joint damage.

Like many chronic illnesses, people may not believe you or may underestimate the impact that your pain has on your life. Your employer may try to say that your work is not the cause of your injuries. At Jacobs & Wallace, PLLC, we understand, and we know that your pain is real and worthy of recognition. Speak with our team by calling 203-332-7700.

Repetition Wears Down Your Joints And Tendons

Your body is made for movement, so it can seem counterintuitive to find out that moving has caused your pain. Your joints and body are made for a full range of movement, meaning that, in an ideal situation, you are moving in a variety of ways throughout the day. When you move in the same way over and over, you can rub against the underlying structures in your muscles and joints that cause tears, ruptures and bone degradation.

Repetitive stress injuries often require intensive and ongoing care, including multiple surgeries, long-term pain management and other treatments. You deserve support throughout your healing process, no matter how long that may take. A workers’ compensation claim can give you the financial means to care for your body.

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