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Personal Injury
21 year old individual fractured their back at a trampoline park.
Personal Injury
59 year old slip and fall on ice resulting in knee replacement surgery.
Personal Injury
29 year old slip and fall on wet floor in office building requiring back surgery.
Personal Injury
48 year old individual injured while passenger in UBER.
Personal Injury
60 year old cable installer slipped and fell at customer’s installation.
Workers' Comp
Repetitive lifting while working as Frito-Lay delivery driver, requiring shoulder and neck surgery
Workers' Comp
Individual injured lifting merchandise while working at TJ Maxx, requiring back surgery.
Workers' Comp
Security monitor assaulted by student while working, requiring neck surgery and causing mental stress.
Workers' Comp
Individual contracted Covid while working as a nurse, developed major cognitive issues as a result.
Workers' Comp
22 year old worker suffered a head injury at work.
Workers' Comp
53 year old worker who’s left foot was struck by a pallet jack in the course of his employment requiring the need for foot surgery.
Workers' Comp
50 year old maintenance worker who injured their back throwing out AC unit, then subsequently re-injured their back in a work-related mva for the same employer a year later.
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