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Immigrants And Out-Of-State Workers Are Still Eligible For Workers’ Compensation

As of 2019 census estimates, over 14% of Connecticut residents are foreign-born, meaning that thousands of immigrants contribute to our state economy. Thousands more workers cross state borders every day, working in our cities but going home to houses and apartments in Rhode Island, New York or Massachusetts. For many injured workers, one of their biggest fears is being told: “We cannot help you because you are not from here.”

At Jacobs & Wallace, PLLC, we want to assure you that if you work in Connecticut and have suffered from a workplace injury, you can file for workers’ compensation. Our attorneys consider advocacy a duty; this is a part of our commitment to injured persons statewide. We can sit down, review your case and help you decide on a legal path, all at your free first consultation.

How Your Residency Status Impacts Your Case

While your residency or citizenship status should not prevent you from filing a workers’ compensation claim, it may change what your results look like. Factors that impact your case may include:

  • Whether you are working for a Connecticut business but were injured across state lines
  • If your injury involves an out-of-state business
  • If you are an undocumented immigrant

No matter where you live or where you are from, you deserve to work with a law firm that will advocate for you and fight for your right to work in a safe workplace.

Jacobs & Wallace, PLLC, Gets You The Most Compensation Possible

Our attorneys have over 45 years of combined experience with workers’ compensation and personal injury law. The result? We know when insurance companies are holding out or undervaluing your claim. We are on your side and fight for your needs. Call us today at 203-332-7700 to speak one-on-one with an attorney.

Our Commitment To You:

No Fees Unless We Win

If we take your case, it will not cost you anything upfront. We represent clients statewide and handle all our injury cases on a contingency basis.
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