Filing a Workers' Compensation Claim in Connecticut

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Even when a workplace injury clearly falls within the parameters of an eligible workers’ compensation claim, the process of filing a claim can be overwhelming and complicated. You do not need to manage your case by yourself. Our team at Jacobs & Wallace, PLLC, is here to demand fair legal treatment so that you can spend your valuable time and energy on your recovery.

Understand Your Case And The Law

Many clients contact an attorney early on in the process to ensure that their claim is handled appropriately from the start. In many cases, injured workers may only have one year to file a claim or may be barred from bringing a claim. This is why it is imperative that you contact one of our attorneys as soon as possible after your work injury to ensure that you are protected and get the justice you deserve.

Clients also may contact an attorney once benefits are contested or denied. It is important to consult with one of our attorneys as soon as your benefits are contested or denied, as some of these denials are time-sensitive.

Clients often ask what to do if they are terminated from their job after filing a workers’ compensation claim. You cannot be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Many workers who are injured on the job need to discuss their cases in detail to understand ways in which their jobs are protected when they file workers’ comp claims. We understand the law and will guide you correctly. We are always ready to fight for justice.

Our Firm Is Ready To Go To Battle For You

Over 45 years of combined experience, a compassionate advocacy team and the knowledge and resources you need to successfully obtain a full compensation package: These are what our firm has to offer. For more information and to schedule a consultation, please call us at 203-332-7700

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If we take your case, it will not cost you anything upfront. We represent clients statewide and handle all our injury cases on a contingency basis.
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