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March 30, 2018
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When you or a family member is in need of urgent medical services, you want to make sure you are provided quality care in a facility that values public health and safety. The majority of patients will choose the closest hospital or medical facility in their area. Unfortunately, making a health decision based on convenience may not be the safest choice.

As many as 440,000 people die every year from preventable errors in hospitals. It is the 3rd leading cause of death in America.  All preventable!

Medical errors are more common than we would care to believe. And though hospitals generally have a reputation for being sterile environments, improper safety and health measures can sometimes leave patients in worse condition than when they arrived. Hospitals should be held accountable for improving their levels of care on a regular basis, and safety advocates like the Leapfrog Group decided to take a stance.

Connecticut Hospitals: Where They Stand

On the most recent list of Leapfrog hospital gradings, Connecticut ranked 30th in the nation- not the worst, but certainly not the best. Out of the 25 facilities rated in the state, less than half received an A or B rating, while the majority landed in the C rating category. None received an F, but one facility was given a disappointing D.

You Deserve Optimal Healthcare

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the nation. No one should have to settle for subpar healthcare because of where they live and what they can afford. Contracting diseases and illnesses from a hospital for lack of proper safety and health procedures is inexcusable and our team is here to help you fight back. Contact Jacobs & Wallace at (203) 332-7700 for a free consultation to discuss your options on seeking justice for medical malpractice in your case.

Connecticut Hospital Ratings

A Rating

Bristol Hospital in Bristol

Day Kimball Hospital in Putnam

Middlesex Hospital in Middletown

St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center in Hartford

Stamford Health in Stamford

The William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich

University of Connecticut Health Center, John Dempsey Hospital in Farmington

B Rating

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington

Griffin Hospital in Derby

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London

Windham Hospital in Willimantic

C Rating

Danbury Hospital in Danbury

Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich

Hartford Hospital in Hartford

MidState Medical Center in Meriden

Milford Hospital in Milford

New Milford Hospital in New Milford

Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk

Saint Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury

St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport

The Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain

Waterbury Hospital in Waterbury

Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven

Yale-New Haven Saint Raphael Campus in New Haven

D Rating

Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport

The Standard in Hospital Grading

The Leapfrog Group is a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 focused on informing the public about which hospitals and medical centers they can trust. With the belief that healthcare should be transparent, Leapfrog has been rating medical facilities for almost 20 years and has created a standard grading system to help hospitals improve their health and safety practices around the country.

How The Ratings Work

Leapfrog’s Hospital Safety Grade reports are released twice a year. Since the grading system began, hospital safety ratings have noticeably been on the rise. The rating system focuses on five main areas that can make-or-break the success of a hospital:

  • Infections
  • Problems with Surgery
  • Practices to Prevent Error
  • Safety Problems
  • Doctors, Nurses & Hospital Staff


Using performance measures from the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, and several other reputable organizations, each hospital is assigned a letter grade for their overall ability to keep patients safe from preventable medical errors. The public can then view all the choices for medical care in their area and get a comprehensive comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of each facility.


If you or someone you know has been a victim of medical malpractice or negligence, contact the medical malpractice attorneys at Jacobs & Wallace on: (203) 332-7700 for a free case evaluation.

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