Fairfield Bounce House and Trampoline Accident Lawyers

March 25, 2018
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Fairfield Bounce House and Trampoline Accident Lawyers

Trampolines are one of the most dangerous “toys” purchased for children.  The amount of force that is produced as a result of more than one individual bouncing on the trampoline at a time, is often equivalent to that of landing on a concrete surface from two stories above.  The injuries can be devastating, ranging from dislocations to severely fractured limbs.

Instruction and supervision are critical to safe practices when using a trampoline.  The failure of adults to read the instruction book, or any of the warnings included in that book, or on the trampoline itself, can result in injuries to those using the trampoline.  Jumping on a trampoline looks like fun, but as we know from the recent bounce house disasters there is a danger when safety rules are not followed. For example, the netting around the trampoline gives people a false sense of security, because although it may prevent someone from falling off the trampoline, it does not prevent them from getting hurt when there are multiple jumpers allowed on the trampoline at any one time.

High Risk for Accidents

Parents should consider the following prior to allowing their children to jump at these facilities:

  • Does the facility limit the number of people allowed inside?
  • Does the facility allow more than one person at a time to use a particular trampoline or inflatable?
  • Does the facility physically separate young children from older, heavier persons who could collide with or fall on a child?
  • Are there any weight limitations for users?
  • What safety precautions does the facility take to minimize harm?

If you or someone close to you has been injured on a trampoline, either at someone’s home or in a trampoline park, call our office today to allow us to help you to get the JUSTICE that you deserve.

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