November 2, 2020
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The season of Fall in Connecticut leads to a lot of unpredictable weather and road conditions that can be dangerous. It is important to prepare yourself and your vehicle for these hazards to stay safe and to avoid being involved in an accident. According to The American Automobile Association, drivers located in the North East of the country should be aware of the seasonal changes that can affect driving conditions.  These changes include driving in the dark due to shorter fall days, visibility issues from glare on the roads and various safety risks from the everchanging fall weather.

According to the AARP they have identified nine Fall driving dangers and tips to stay safe. To view the full list, click here:  https://www.aarp.org/auto/info-2016/fall-driving-safety-tips.html

Below is a summary of these nine areas:

1. Kids

Fall season means that kids are back in school. Throughout the school year, it is vital for drivers to be aware of driving school zones not only for kids walking, but also for young, inexperienced drivers leaving the premises and picking up friends or siblings.  Also, be aware of sharing the road with school buses.  Remember in Connecticut you must stop for a school bus with its red flashers on.


2. Darkness

As Daylight Saving Time ends in the Fall, days are shorter, and many more drivers are driving in the dark.  It is important to stay alert, slow down to compensate for limited visibility and reduced stopping time.

3. Critters

Connecticut surely has its share of wildlife.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, you are 3.5 times as likely to hit an animal, especially a deer, in November as at any other time of the year. Deer are likely to be mating in November, and that’s why you see more of them.

4. Leaves

With the change in season and colder weather, leaves falling from trees litter the roads and cause slippery and hazardous conditions. Make sure you slow down on roads covered with leaves and give yourself more distance than usual when coming to a stop behind another car.

5. Tires

Your tire pressure will drop due to colder weather in the fall and throughout the winter.  It is important to have proper tire pressure for your car to perform smoothly and safely.  AARP advises you to check tire pressure for your vehicle model. It is also important to maintain and regularly rotate and balance your tires.

6. Dampness

Drivers are more at safety risks when roads are wet.  Wet roads can put drivers at risk of hydroplaning. This is when your tires no longer have direct contact with the road.  When driving in damp conditions to prevent hydroplaning it is best to reduce your speed, avoid cruising in the rain and avoid puddles and standing water.


During the day in the Fall and Winter seasons, usually early morning and late afternoon hours, sun glare can cause issues with visibility on the road.  If you’re having trouble seeing it is important to take extra precaution, reduce your speed and prepare to slow down and stop with a large enough gap between you and the care in front of you.

8. Fog and frost

Fog and frost are two conditions many Connecticut drivers face in the Fall which causes poor visibility and distance perception. According to AARP, the use of fog lights that shine wide with low beams along the road and onto the edges of a street help with visibility. Also, when temperatures have been cold enough that moisture on the road turn icy in spots you must reduce your speed and pay attention to the distance of the vehicle in front of you.  Also, it is important to clear your windshield and windows of your vehicle when frost is present.

9. Inexperience

From new drivers on the road due to youth or relocation from a dryer and warmer location, it is important that inexperienced drivers know the Fall risks and take precautions they need to avoid accidents.

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