Most Dangerous Toys of 2022

December 19, 2022
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There’s still time to shop for gifts for those little people in your life. But buyers–beware. Not all toys on the shelf are safe or appropriate for children, and you’d often never know without researching the products on your list before you shop. 

To help you avoid toys known for causing severe and even fatal injuries to children, World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H) has released its 10 Worst Toys of 2022 list to guide consumers away from dangerous toys. Families deserve to feel safe with the products they purchase and receive for their children. This list contains toys with hidden hazards, defects, inappropriate age limits, and dangerous features you’ll want to avoid this holiday season. 

10 Worst Toys of 2022 by W.A.T.C.H.

Zeus Lion

Warning: Potential For Ingestion/Aspiration Injuries: While marketed to children as young as 24 months old, this stuffed animal poses a life-threatening risk of ingestion and aspiration injuries. The long hair fibers on the toy may detach with play and can easily be put in a child’s mouth. (Retailers: Walmart, Amazon, Henry Bear’s Park)

Bunny Rabbit Cuddly Pillow

Warning: Potential For Suffocation: The warning on this plush product focuses on the toy being a choking hazard due to small parts, but another risk not listed is suffocation. Manufacturers' warnings state that consumers should not purchase this product for children under 3, yet a conflicting recommendation on the packaging suggests the pillow can be for all ages. (Retailers: Amazon, Walmart)

Li’l Woodzeez Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakery

Warning: Potential For Choking Injuries: While this Li’l Woodzeez Bakery set is marketed to children 3+, several smaller parts of this toy are choking hazards for young children. There are at least 69 pieces (mini pies, bread, cake slices, and other small food items) that are all choking hazards. Manufacturers did include a warning, but only on the throwaway tag. (Retailers: Amazon, Target)

Disney Raya’s Action & Adventure Sword

Warning: Potential For Blunt Force and Eye Injuries: Raya’s Action & Adventure Sword is made for children 3+ but can cause serious injuries when used. The sword is made of rigid plastic that can lead to blunt force injuries and eye injuries, particularly to the face. (Retailers: Amazon, Walmart, Target)

Pop’n Fidget Spinners

Warning: Potential For Choking Injuries: There are no age recommendations on this product, which is misleading as it can be a risk for small children. The rubber pop buttons can detach and pose a choking hazard. You won’t find any warnings about this risk on the packaging. (Retailers: Walmart, Amazon)

Ooze Labs Chemistry Station

Warning: Potential For Chemical-Related Injuries: Ingesting the slime from this chemical set could harm a child’s health. Manufacturers warn parents not to allow children to use this product alone. However, it’s marketed to children as young as 6, and the risk of ingesting at this age (supervised or not) can be high. (Retailers: Target, Amazon, Walmart) 

Cocomelon Musical Learning Watch

Warning: Potential For Battery Ingestion Injuries: This watch marketed for children 3+ has a button/coin battery that could pose a risk of ingestion injuries. Swallowing batteries can lead to serious and fatal internal chemical burns that can occur in as little as two hours. The compartment containing the coin battery in the back of the watch can be easily opened if not properly latched. (Retailers: Target, Amazon, Walmart, Kohls)

Dingray Musical Bath Toy

Warning: Potential For Ingestion and Choking Injuries: The Munchkin Dingray has a mallet included that could pose a choking injury for young children. Marketed for children as young as 12 months, the mallet is 6” in length and slender. Its size makes it easy to swallow, which could lead to the blocking of a child’s airway. (Retailers: Target, Amazon, Walmart)  

Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Blasters

Warning: Potential For Eye and Facial Injuries: This product is one of the most dangerous toys on the list. The gun comes with small gel balls released with a semi-automatic blaster that can lead to facial and eye injuries. Warnings on the Nerf gun tell consumers to wear eyewear with the product and that the gel balls may leave temporary marks on the skin. It also states, “this is not a toy,” despite its proximity to the toy aisle. (Retailers: Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Target) 

Black Panther Wakanda Battle Claws

Warning: Potential For Eye and Facial Injuries: These Black Panther claws are made of hard plastic and encouraged for children 5+. Modeled off the popular comic book character, warnings include prohibiting “hitting or swinging at people or animals.” However, children will most likely want to model the character’s moves, and the sharp claws can lead to eye and facial injuries. (Retailers: Target, Walmart, Amazon, JCPenny, Kohls)

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