National Safety Stand-Down: Help Prevent Workplace Falls!

September 15, 2020
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From September 14 to September 18, worksites across the country will participate in the National Safety Stand-Down to prevent fall accidents in construction. Created by the Occupational Safety and Health Organization (O.S.H.A.), this safety initiative aims to spread awareness about the prevalence of fatal fall accidents in the industry and provide employers with the support they need to prioritize workers’ safety.

Falls are the leading cause of occupational death in construction. In 2018, O.S.H.A. reported 338 construction fatalities related to falls out of 1,008 total deaths that year. Fall hazards have also continually ranked as the number one safety violation witnessed by O.S.H.A. field agents. If workplaces do not act immediately to address fall hazards, 2020 results could be just as tragic.

As occupational safety and health advocates, our team at Jacobs & Wallace encourages all workplaces to participate in the National Safety Stand-Down to prevent workplace falls. Most falls resulting in injuries are entirely preventable. Holding a stand-down to address fall risks in your workplace could save someone’s life.

How To Hold A Stand-Down

Stand-downs are terrific opportunities for employers to educate their staff on fall hazards and receive employee input on current safety concerns. These voluntary events involve putting down all job responsibilities to focus on discussing how to improve workplace safety. Stand-downs assure workers that employers are serious about their health and safety by demonstrating the importance of replacing all other tasks with a genuine conversation.

A stand-down does not have to be more elaborate than an open meeting with workers and managers on the importance of workplace safety. All industries pose an element of fall risks that can lead to severe and fatal injuries. In construction, the most common fall hazards include:

  • Falls from a ladder
  • Falls from a roof
  • Falls from a structure
  • Falls through a floor or rood opening
  • Falls downstairs
  • Falls from scaffold
  • Fall through a fragile roof surface

Fall prevention measures significantly reduce workplace injuries and are key elements to address during this week’s stand-downs. Other safety areas that can be addressed to reduce occupational falls include reviewing current safety policies and protective measures and establishing a safety goal for the company to achieve together.

O.S.H.A. encourages all employers who participate in a stand-down this week to share their stories and techniques. For employers who need more ideas on hosting a stand-down, O.S.H.A. provides free safety events to participate in and suggestions here.

Occupational Falls Are Preventable

Falls in the workplace are 100 percent preventable. It often takes more effort and financing to recover from an accident than it does to prevent the fall from happening in the first place.

This year, several national safety organizations have partnered with O.S.H.A. to spread awareness about the National Safety Stand-Down to fight back against fall accidents. Some of these supporters include:

This impressive turnout to increase fall prevention proves how prevalent fall accidents have become across all American industries. Every workplace has a role to play in reducing these preventable accidents. For more information on how to participate in National Safety Stand-Down, see what some companies have done in years past here.

Connecticut Workplace Accident Attorneys

Workplace accidents can be dramatically reduced when effective safety protocols are in place. Employers and contractors who do not prioritize safety put the lives of their workers at unnecessary risk. If you or a loved one has been injured in a workplace accident due to negligent safety practices, our team is here to support you in seeking the justice you deserve.

As Connecticut personal injury experts, we always have your best interests and safety in mind. Our aggressive attorneys at Jacobs & Wallace will help you fight back by providing a free case evaluation to explore all your options for seeking justice against reckless distracted drivers. Contact us today for a free consultation and to explore your rights.

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