January 8, 2020
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Several noteworthy laws passed in Connecticut in 2019: the smoking age was raised from 18 to 21, taxes were added to digital purchases, prepared meals, and electronic cigarettes, and minimum wage was increased to $11 per hour.  

With the start of a new decade, residents can expect even more legislative changes to arise. According to Patch Connecticut, these are the new laws that took, effect on January 1 that could impact your life significantly in 2020:  

New Taxes 

One of the first and less exciting new laws you may notice in 2020 is the additional sales tax added to previously exempt items. Services such as dry cleaning, parking, and interior design will now come with an added tax.  

Crumbling Foundation Law 

More buildings and building owners will be eligible for assistance programs to help repair any crumbling foundation. These structural issues have become a major safety concern in a number of communities across the state.  

More Police Training 

Connecticut police officers will now be offered more opportunities for training on public safety. This includes an increase in communication training to better serve individuals diagnosed with autism and mental disorders.  

No More Pre-Existing Conditions 

A new act bans short-term health insurance policies from using pre-existing condition provisions. This will help thousands of residents who had unfairly gone without health insurance when they needed it the most. 

Hearing Aid Coverages 

Another new act eliminates the ability previously allowed to insurance companies to place an age restriction on hearing aid coverage. It also requires certain companies to cover the hearing aid costs for any person covered under qualifying plans.  

License and Registration Changes 

Connecticut drivers can now renew their driver license every eight years rather than the six-year deadline required under the previous law. Vehicle registration renewals have also been extended from every two years to every three years.  

Expansion of Mental Health Coverage 

Previous law put limitations on the types of mental health services individuals could receive coverage for. This new law prohibits this discriminatory practice and compares the damages of untreated mental illnesses to the similar adverse effects experienced with untreated physical disorders.  

No Cost Breast Ultrasounds and Mammograms 

A much-needed law went into effect on Jan. 1 eliminating the out of pocket costs for breast ultrasounds and mammograms. These outrageous expenses have resulted in women avoiding vital scans in the past, a dangerous move that can lead to the late diagnosis of serious health conditions such as breast cancer.  

Boat Tax 

Sorry boat enthusiasts. The next time you renew your boat registration, you will be slapped with an additional fee. The new law, aimed to eliminate aquatic invasive species in Connecticut waters, will require a $5 fee for in-state boats and a $20 fee for out-of-state vessels.  

Lax Liquor Laws 

Craft beer manufacturers in the state are thrilled about the new laws allowing individuals to buy nine gallons up from nine liters per day for off-premise consumption. Cider manufacturers will now be able to sell products for on-premise consumption, and local breweries will be allowed to sell Connecticut produced wine! 

For more information on new laws hitting Connecticut in the New Year, click here for the full list. 

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